Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Machine

Cheers. My name is Marc-Oliver Frisch. I live in Germany. I'm interested in comics, as a storytelling medium, as one of the arts and as a business - the Anglo-American branch, mostly, I should add. I've been writing a monthly column on DC Comics sales since 2003. I've written a couple of things for Marvel Comics. I'm translating Robert Kirkman's post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead into my native language. (Order a copy here.) I'm contributing to Comicgate, Germany's Premiere Online & Print Magazine on Comics. And I dabble in reviews every now and then.

This is, in some ways, a revamped version of my previous weblog, POPP'D!, where I began commenting on comics and popular culture at large back in January 2004. I kept it up more or less regularly for a couple of years. Now I'm back, so let's see how things turn out this time around. If you'd like me to write, translate or sing and dance for you, drop me a line - I'm all ears, and I'm not picky, especially if you're willing and able to reimburse me with real money.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Marc-Oliver, I like your column on DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales and I'm glad to find your blog. Always interessting thoughts about comics and the business so far, so keep on with your good work. Greetings from Bamberg, Volker