Sunday, September 9, 2007

L for Lloyd

Back in June, Thomas and Björn of Comicgate talked to inimitable British creator David Lloyd about a variety of subjects, including V for Vendetta (both the comic and the film), War Stories and Espers - and, of course, Lloyd's most recent graphic novel, Kickback, which he was in Europe to promote at the time. While Lloyd seems happy with the reactions to the book, he's been less than impressed with its American publisher's promotional efforts.
Dark Horse, I’m sorry to say, didn’t actually put any publicity behind [Kickback]. Which was kind of crazy, because last year I had the highest career profile I could have had, because of the V for Vendetta movie. But unfortunately there was no publicity for me on Kickback.

So, since realizing that that happened, I’ve been trying to promote it myself. I try to make sure that it’s being promoted in every country where it gets published. Because there are lots of books coming out - especially in America - and if you don’t have a heavy publicity budget behind them, it’s very easy for them not to be noticed.
It's an entertaining and insightful interview, all told, and there are worse ways to spend your time. (There's also a German translation, if you like.)

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