Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Picture Story, Updated, and Now Updated Again, for, Like, the Second Time, It's So Hot

Breaking News: Major comics publisher says jump, major comics news sites ask how high.

Update: Well, there are no bounds, apparently. Right now, if you're klicking on this...

...you're getting this:

(Click on the images to enlarge them.) It's like that letter sent to the airport complaining about your missing luggage, and concluding with the observation that you just found it and they shouldn't worry about it. What would Marvel and DC do without sites like good, old Newsarama?

Update 2: The entire thing has now been removed from Newsarama. It's very exciting.


Tom Mattson said...

This image meant nothing revelatory to me when I saw it. I don't quite understand what everyone is so loose in the bowels about. Marvel has been saying for weeks that the X teams are going to be restructured and switched up dramatically coming out of the events of Messiah Complex. How is suddenly saying, 'Disassembled!' making everyone freak out?

JD said...

By the way, if you were connected at the beginning of this, you could see the Cable picture and a picture of X-23.

The whole stunt was very silly, and got even sillier when Marvel pulled the plug.