Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dream Team

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort provides a neat little four-pager by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The story first appeared in issue #26 of Marvel's Tales to Astonish series, cover-dated December 1961. It's a simple idea, but so perfectly told and paced, both in the words and in the artwork, that you could call it the comics equivalent of a good three-minute pop song.

Given Lee and Ditko's later, more famous collaborations, it's sometimes easy to forget that it wasn't just their creative vision which distinguished them in the sixties, but also their skill as storytellers. The story's final caption aside, which obviously seems very much of its time now, "Dream World!," amazingly, still gives the majority of the publisher's current output a run for its money in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Click over and have a look - it may just be the best comic you're going to read this week.

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