Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fowl Play

It suddenly occurs to me that, with Howard the Duck #1, Omega: The Unknown #1 and Foolkiller #1, Marvel are bringing back this month not one, not two, but three properties created - or co-created, in the case of Omega - by writer Steve Gerber in the seventies. If you want to stretch things, you can add the Legion of Monsters collection as well, which includes a Man-Thing story. That character isn't one of Gerber's creations, but it's certainly one that's come to be associated with Gerber above everyone else.

And, incidentally, none of those books are written by Gerber himself. Considering that Gerber is still working and is suffering from massive, terminal health troubles (see his weblog and recent interviews at Newsarama and Wizard Universe), that somehow seems wrong.

(To be fair, I should point out that in the Wizard Universe piece, Gerber states he and Marvel have come to an understanding about Omega and "a couple" of other characters and that he himself considers the matter closed.)

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