Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Icky & Fratty Show

Disclaimer: I don't know Brian Michael Bendis personally, so for all I know, he may be a perfectly agreeable and well-adjusted individual with mature, sensible, contemporary views and attitudes.

But then stuff like this, compounded by stuff like this or this (scroll down to "Brian Bendis - Rumour Monger"), makes me wonder, and makes me feel a little bit embarrassed to be reading this man's work.

Surely, that's not the kind of effect Bendis is looking for with his comics and his online presence, or is it?

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Anonymous said...

I completly agree with you on the third link. That was just a plain childish and why not...even a stupid reaction by Bendis. But he offerd his apology publicly, so it's fine by me.

I also see where the criticism is coming in the first link. Didn't think Doc Doom's choice of words was very clever. Then again, it's Doctor freaking Doom. It's not as if Latveria ever was in favor of equality between genders.

But on the second link, I don't see anything wrong with Brians answer. Ms. Simone didn't present any proof at all for her allegations.