Saturday, July 5, 2008

Page View

Quick thought of the day: Let's talk about cover prices and page counts.

Why, exactly, are Marvel charging $ 3.99 for Secret Invasion, other than because they can get away with it? The book is a regular 22 pages, after all.

The competition's Final Crisis is $ 3.99 as well, of course, but that's got 30 pages per issue. That's a 36% page increase for a 34% price increase. Seems a helluva lot fairer than a 34% percent price increase for a 0% page increase, from where I'm standing.

So, in some respects, DC Comics clearly does win this summer, after all.


Juggling Jason said...

good observation!

Joe Willy said...

Good point. One other thing missed in the "Marvel beats DC so Didio should be fired" controversy is that if I had to pick from one of the two the publisher most prepared for the coming changes in the marketplace it would be DC hands down. DC is so much more diversified and prepared for any rapid changes and also better able to capture a growing female readership.

One thing comics commentators miss is how many books are bought by women, in fact the birth of the novel is closely tied with women being allowed to read and buy books. I think the bookstore manga boom was almost entirely female-driven and at least DC seems to understand that in their attempts to publish a manga line and a girl-focused YA line.

I know this doesn't have a thing to do with price but it's a particular gripe of mine in the recent coverage and I hadn't found a good place to say it yet.