Wednesday, July 9, 2008


New comics recommendation for July 9, 2008:

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Joe Willy said...

Ha- just finished reading this seconds before I got on-line and grabbed a random comics blog from my bookmarks. Great read. It's a stain on comics that even though Brubaker and Phillips are engaged in high profile work at Marvel and this is published through an imprint of theirs it still doesn't sell in astounding numbers (though, frankly the typography does bug me just a bit- I seem to remember Phillips grousing a bit about it in an interview or blog post so maybe he even agrees with me but I also seem to remember him saying it was Ed's decision).

It may be that Marvel fans avoid it because it has no capes and cape-haters avoid it because it's published by Marvel. It also doesn't help the imprint has no track record and there's no other books like it (well, that may be starting to change but I wish Marvel would quit muddying the waters by publishing darker versions of their characters in the same line).

I just hope it's paying well enough to keep these guys going because I think at some point people will really start realizing how good this is. I can't think of a mainstream book that had a better combination of writing and art. One thing that helps is that Brubaker doesn't overwrite like too many good comics writers. He knows great comics writing often means having a silent panel tell the story.