Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Financial Crisis, or: It's the End of the World and So Can We

Greetings, my friends!

Good news and bad news!

Interlude! Consider the following exchange in Final Crisis #4:
SUPERHERO: You seen the new Planet edition yet?

LITTLE KID: It still comes out?

SUPERHERO: They have a printing press in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. [...]

LITTLE KID: When does everything go back to normal?
End Interlude! Good news first! Financial Crisis is an invention of Grant Morrison! Another front on which the forces of Apokolips are hammering away at the Planet Earth! It's all going to be reversed once the man sent to save the Planet Earth from Planet Krypton and his friends will fix things!

Bad news! Crisis will not be over until 2009!

Conclusion! Fourth-Wall-to-Fifth-World Synchronization! Has! Begun!

Heads up and heads down, my friends! Do not succumb to the Anti-Life Equation! Watch out for Black Knights mounted on Dogs of War with Alaskan Apokolipstick chanting nihilistic slogans!

When it starts raining blood and Evil Gods of Destruction begin their descent from the skies - Do. Not. Panic! Remember: All just temporary, imaginary, fictional concepts with no bearing on reality, no more real than communism!

And even if We Can't, there will be another chance in 2012, just as we leave the Fourth World.

So it goes!

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