Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Don't Tell Wesley Snipes

In The Washington Post's article by Michael Cavna on Marvel's upcoming Black Panther revamp, writer Reginald Hudlin lets fly some faintly baffling sound-bites.
"Honestly, my entire run on the series has been controversial. Which is great," he says. "All the writers I admire are hotly debated online, and I feel like I'm always in great company in that situation. But more importantly, it means that people care about the book."
Really? As I recall, there was a bit of controversy among hardcore fans early on in the run, if you can call it that, because the series was inconsistent with earlier stories and the publisher left it unclear whether it was meant to be part of the "Marvel Universe."

After a few months, though, the controversy stopped, because, as it seems, nobody was reading anymore. Hudlin's last issue of the recently cancelled title, #38, sold an estimated 19,459 units - which is pretty sad, and likely the reason why another relaunch was deemed necessary in the first place. Perhaps Hudlin is referring to his frequent clashes with fans on the Internet or at conventions when he's talking about controversies. In terms of the comics, though, I don't see it.
"Over the course of 40 issues [over three years], we ... really defined the character in a way that hadn't been done before. ... Having done that, you go: "How do we up the stakes?"
Well, tits, evidently.

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