Friday, November 21, 2008

Babble for the Cowl

There's a new interview with DC Comics editor Dan DiDio at In brief, it just keeps getting weirder. Again, there's no mention of is-he-still-or-not Superman writer James Robinson, and DiDio is awkwardly prancing around the question whether Grant Morrison will return to write Batman next year, which suddenly does not seem to be a certainty anymore.

And then there's this bit, when DiDio's asked about the bizarre decision to have Tony Daniel write Batman: Battle for the Cowl.
Well, when we… let's start with this at the beginning. When we first hired Tony to do Batman, it was on the strength of his work on The Tenth. He was known as a star writer and artist, but at this particular point he wanted the opportunity to work with Grant Morrison, and he's been having a great time doing it.
Um. My comprehensional faculties must be in decline. DiDio seems to be implying that they originally wanted Daniel to write Batman, but then Daniel asked to work with Morrison instead. Or, if that's not what he's saying, what is he saying? Help!

And what's with the odd phrasing, anyway:
During this time [Daniel] seemed like the perfect person to bridge the conclusion of [Morrison's] "Last Rites" issues to what's coming in June.
Why the past tense? Does Daniel not "seem like the perfect person" to write Battle for the Cowl anymore now?

DiDio also addresses his publishing philosophy with regard to the DC Universe line he is overseeing.
I think what we need to do is produce smartly. I've used this expression before – we're not just going to create comics to create a bucket. We're not going to produce 60 to 65 titles, regardless of what they are, and just put them out there. You can't do that.
For your interest, the monthly number of new DC Universe periodicals over the last twelve months has ranged from 48 to 69, with an average of 56.

He goes on:
What we need to do is be smart about what we're creating and make books that people want. If people can't buy everything, I at least want them to consider everything very highly. I don't want it to be discounted from the moment it's introduced, it has to be something they want to pick up – they'll feel bad if they don't. For the most part. –laughs-
Mr. DiDio is laughing, of course, because he knows he's publishing books like, among others, El Diablo, The War That Time Forgot, DC Special: Cyborg, DC Universe: Raven, DC Universe: Decisions, Hawkman Special, Adam Strange Special, Halloween Special, Vixen: Return of the Lion, Tangent: Superman's Reign and, wait for it, Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves.

DiDio also says that there will be "a unified version of the Joker" across the DC Universe after Final Crisis. Whether or not that version will be soliciting anal sex, like the one in Kevin Smith's Batman: Cacophony is right now, DiDio doesn't say. I, for one, would much applaud it.

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