Friday, November 21, 2008

Bottom Line

Quick note as I'm diving into the October sales figures: Jonah Hex and Simon Dark are now the only ongoing DC Universe books below 24,000 units (we're talking estimates) that haven't been canceled yet. Given that both titles are selling significantly below that marker, there's probably not much rope left for them, either.

Looks like someone's trying to raise their bottom line.

DC Comics had previously announced the cancellation of Legion of Super-Heroes, Birds of Prey, Manhunter, Blue Beetle and Checkmate.

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Christian said...

I seem to recall having read somewhere the reason Jonah Hex has managed to stick around for so long, while books with similar or even higher monthly sales figures are getting axed, is that while single-issue sales are consistently low, the trade collections are consistently high sellers; especially in bookstores or to libraries, and other places outside of the direct market.
At least, I hope that's why, 'cause I'll be pretty bummed if that book disappears.