Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday Linkage

o Alan Moore gets the chuckles:
[...] Judge Gary A. Feess has ruled that 20th Century Fox “owns a copyright interest consisting of, at the very least, the right to distribute the Watchmen motion picture." [...] [I]t appears that, if the judge’s ruling stands, Fox could get an injunction preventing Warner Bros. from distributing the film, if Fox so desires.
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o Sean T. Collins, circa 2005, takes measure of Warren Ellis:
Warren Ellis wants you to take him seriously. I don't. Partially it's because he [...] noisily stormed away from the [superhero] genre in a rage to try his hand at the wave of the future he dubbed "pop comics," [...] and is currently the author of Ultimate Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the "Ultimate Galactus" trilogy (!) and JLA: Classified. Partially it's because this supposed anti-establishmentarian could not write a comic that didn't feature a select group of badass illuminated Übermenschen using their secret knowledge of the world to shape it into a better one for the good of the sheeplike plebes [...]. And partially it's because his mobile-podcast-Delphi-forum digital-revolutionary comics-activist persona, his relentless touting of (say) Godspeed You Black Emperor! accompanied by diatribes about how (say) Avril Lavigne is bullshit, his name-dropping of his fetish-model friends and his close pal "Bill" Gibson, and his desire to utilize the Internet to cultivate groups of people who think and act exactly like he does [...].
And once that's off his chest, there's a pretty good review of Planetary, too.

o Harold Pinter, the man responsible for Brian Michael Bendis in the same way that Watchmen is responsible for Youngblood, is dead.


Sean T. Collins said...

Thank you for editing that stuff into something approximating coherence.

Marc-Oliver Frisch said...

I didn't think it was incoherent at all - I'm just uncomfortable cutting & pasting too much, and this is a very extensive excerpt as it is.

It's the most concise take on Ellis' position in the market I've come across, at any rate. Some things have changed in the last three years, obviously, but others haven't. (And I say that, I should add, as someone who tends to like Ellis' work.)