Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Need to Know All the Right Answers in Order to Check All the Wrong Boxes

NRAMA: [Y]ou had Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely beating down your door to do an Inferior Five project – given their fanbase and talent they bring to the table – how does that weight against putting them on something like the Inferior Five?

DD: It depends on what their interests are and how long we think we can support a series. Something like an Inferior Five is an interesting concept, but there doesn’t seem to be a pressing need for it. A lot of times, when the talent comes to us with a particular character, we can talk it through to see if that character warrants its own series, and whether or not we have enough story to support that series. If we come to the conclusion that there is enough to go on, then we’ll push it ahead.

- excerpt from a recent Newsarama interview with DC Universe editor-in-chief Dan DiDio


This year J. Bone and myself pitched an all-ages Wonder Woman book aimed at young female readers. In other words, I wanted to give them at least 12 issues of a Wonder Woman book that any parent could give their child. They [DC Comics] couldn’t have been less interested.

- writer/artist Darwyn Cooke (scroll down to “January 13th, 2009 at 2:13 pm” in the comments section)


Blood will run red when Superman and Batman face off against vampires and werewolves for the fate of the entire DCU!

- excerpt from advertising copy for a recent DC Comics series titled Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and Werewolves


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Moose Harris said...

as you said so sarcastically and yet so correctly in your most recent breakdown of DC sales figures: "because you demanded it".

seriously...vixen, raven, cyborg, reign in hell, secret six, rann-thanagar (over and over), black lightning - year one, the list goes on and on for pointless mini-series featuring peripheral characters of no consequence or interest to the average reader. couple that to a marketing strategy which pads a 10 to 12 issue idea out to 52 weekly episodes of ever decreasing plot and conviction and you could sum up the DCU.

i shiver at the plans for the titans franchise, already overstretched and yet destined to expand ever further.

if you read anything titans related, you'll probably want to see the core group from the wolfman/perez era, give or take jericho, the DCU's latest uber-villain who's really not worth the paper and ink.

looking at the so-say top secret solicits for what is to come, it seems evident that dick grayson will be missing from the team, because he's doing other things too important for him to be involved in one of the only books where he should be seen.

remember when batman, superman and wonder woman were all too important to be a part of the JLA? boy, what a lot of justice league books they shifted back then. grant morrison had it right when he brought the JLA back on message. it was about who was in the team, not the team itself. hardly what you want to hear in motivational terms, but the JLA was the big three, with GL, aquaman, hawkman and the martian manhunter. likewise, titans needs the team the brought back only a few issues ago, or it will die. teen titans has such a poor roster these days, no-one cares what they do, or to whom they do it, and terror titans is just a waste of talent.

i've strayed, but i think DC have missed the point as to what exactly they're trying to produce, and whether anyone out there wants to see it. we've got batman without batman to look forward to, anyone with or without a pulse has a place in the JSA, more flashes than you can shake a stick at, simon dark, trinity, booster gold, the brave and the bold...all this and more with te return of both R.E.B.E.L.S and vigilante.

less editors, less managers, and maybe more people paying attention to the talent they have tied to log-term exclusive deals might make the DCU a better place to visit.

here's hoping that all the final crisis spin-offs manage to warp up before blackest night begins.

Moose Harris said...

and sorry for the typos, they creep in when i vent spleen.