Thursday, February 19, 2009

Watching the Watchpeople

Time for a shout-out to some of my favorite people on the Internet, I think.

o In case you didn’t know already, link-blogging—the proper way of doing it, I mean—is one hell of a lot of work.

I always vaguely suspected what Heidi MacDonald, Tom Spurgeon or Dirk Deppey (and the Robot 6 crew, but they’re a bunch of folks, so it’s not entirely as gruesome, I imagine), the people who keep us all up do date and well-informed, must be going through to do it, and, well, now I know.

A couple weeks back, in the comments section, Deppey gave a glimpse into his daily routine:

Basically, the need to have the blog online when the East Coast wakes up completely fucks with my sleep schedule, which periodically rotates around the clock. I’m in such a phase right now; waking up at 10PM or so and essentially jumping right at in after my first cup of coffee. Hopefully, I’ll be able to force myself back to my usual routine this weekend and resume earlier morning updates next week. Fingers crossed, anyway.

“I’m assuming you mean 10 AM?” a confused poster comments. But no, not quite.

Nope, I mean 10PM — I work nights in order to ensure that the blog is online and up-to-date when it gets posted in the early morning, and that entails working nights and sleeping days. Usually I try to sleep from 4-5AM to around 2PM or so, but sometimes circumstances fuck with me and it flips around a bit.

To which I say: Christ on a bike, I’d be dead within two weeks.

o It looks like The Savage Critics! is bent on annihilating the need to read any other website for comics reviews.

Now that site-owner Brian Hibbs has Douglas Wolk, Abhay Khosla, Joe McCulloch and Sean T. Collins in his crew (and they’re just the people who stand out to me in a generally illustrious bunch; let’s call them the Dirty Dozen of comics reviewing), he’s pretty close.

Add Paul O’Brien and Tom Spurgeon to the mix, and you’ve pretty much got the market cornered.

o Speaking of O’Brien, I’ve been meaning to link to the excellent House to Astonish podcast he’s doing with Al Kennedy for ages. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please go ahead and do so. It’s a fantastic show.

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