Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impressions from Munich Comics Festival, June 11 through June 14, 2009

Émile Bravo, fresh off winning the PENG! Award for Best European Comic with the German publication of his Spirou: Le journal d'un ingénu, with Hector Umbra watching his back.

Flix (Der Swimmingpool des kleinen Mannes), signing up a storm, and threatening to be buried beneath heaps of Hector Umbra.

Zwerchfell's Stefan Dinter at the controls of some devilish contraption, flanked by Veronika Mischitz (Kleiner Vogel Rot) and Martin Frei (Kommissar Eisele).

Hansrudi Wäscher, the German Stan Lee.

The Comicgate booth, with artists Ingo Römling and Jolly Rotten hard at work.

Some dude, late in the afternoon.

Kramers Ergot 7: The biggest book in town.

ICOM Independent Comics Award winners!

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