Friday, June 26, 2009

J. Michael Estranged

Writer J. Michael Straczynski confirmed and explained his exit from Marvel's Thor to Jeffrey Renaud at Comic Book Resources.

Here’s the Top 5 things Straczynski explicitly does not say in the interview:

  1. He’s working on a Superman project for DC Comics.
  2. Neither Straczynski himself nor anyone else on the creative team is responsible for the delay between Thor issues. (This contradicts a recent comment made by Marvel editor Tom Brevoort.)
  3. He’s out of the loop at Marvel, even as far as the ending of his own run is concerned.
  4. Someone at Marvel said Boo on his writing on the long-delayed maxi-series The Twelve.
  5. The words “Joe Quesada.”

On a broader scale, Straczynski’s comments confirm that Marvel are now firmly back in a place where the necessity to have all-inclusive crossover “event” stories overrides the value of any individual creator’s voice or plans for a character or series—even in the case of a commercial heavyweight like Straczynski’s Thor.

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