Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Clone Saga

Writer Jeph Loeb is interviewed by Kiel Phegley over at Comic Book Resources … and starts talking about artist Ian Churchill, a frequent collaborator of Loeb’s who’s often been described as a “Jim Lee clone” in terms of his style.

Evidently, Churchill will be drawing upcoming issues of Loeb’s Hulk. And, evidently, they’ll look rather different from what people are used to from Churchill.

“This is one of those very strange stories that can only happen in comics where when we first started talking about it, Ian said, 'I want to do this in my original style.' And I said, 'I don't know what you're talking about. I've been working with you for 15 years. You draw the way you draw,' which let's say for the sake of argument we'll call 'the Jim Lee style' – a lot of crosshatching and certainly the layouts more resemble what Jim does than anyone else. And what I find out for the first time in 15 over the course of this conversation is that Ian drew a very different way and went to San Diego and met an editor at Marvel who's no longer there who said, 'Don't draw like that. Draw like this' and gave him Jim [Lee]'s samples. And Ian went and drew like that and has drawn in a style that he never wanted to draw in for 15 years. He's absolutely built a fanbase and had a terrific career.”

And what does this new style look like?

“I saw Ian's original style, which was much closer to Ed [McGuinness] and in an odd way Darwyn Cooke, who if you think about it couldn't be more on the other end of the spectrum from Jim Lee. And so it's great fun. There's some John Byrne in there, and it's really cool.”

I’m actually curious now.

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