Monday, July 20, 2009

What, Now?

Some things I’ve been up to on the comics front:

o In my ongoing efforts to put more me in “new media,” I’ve been tweeting comics news, commentary and oddities for Comicgate for the past couple weeks. You can follow us here. If you see a tweet that says “mof,” that’ll be me. It’s, like, my initials, and stuff.

o Speaking of Comicgate, I’ve started a new monthly column. It’s a new version of the Previews review column I wrote a few years ago, that ended up being more extensive than I could manage in the end. So the new one is kind of a punk-rock take on that. Or Britpop, if I’m lucky. It’s called “Mut zur Lücke.”

o I’ve started dusting off my reviews archives, beginning with the 2002 section—which is now complete over at Supercritical. So if you want to know what I thought of Kurt Busiek’s last big (BIG!) epic in Avengers (my first comics review ever!), Chris Claremont’s X-Treme X-Men or the introduction of Fantomex in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, among several others, click over there and find out. All reviews have been edited for content and format. In fact, I am now considering putting everything I write on hold for at least seven years and then come back to it with a fresh perspective. Next up: 2003.

o While doing research for a comics-related project, I came across this bit of news in the July 2002 issue of Wizard: “Sources at WildStorm say a Crisis-type storyarc [sic], which will reshape and revamp the entire WildStorm Universe, is in the works and planned for a 2003 release.” So, you see, if it feels like this is the way it’s always been with the WildStorm Universe line, that’s because it has always been like this with the WildStorm Universe line!


jan said...

hey marc.
cool das du "mind the gap" in der neuen form wiederbelebt hast!falls du mal ein fill in brauchst, ich stehe gern zur verfügung ;)

Marc-Oliver said...

Hallo Jan,

Danke fürs Angebot.

Die Idee war natürlich, dass es von meiner Seite aus so schnell nicht wieder "Lücken" geben soll - die hab ich ja sozusagen die letzten drei Jahre alle hintereinander gebracht.

Aber bei dem Titel weiß man natürlich nie...

Teil der Inspiration, es nochmal in leicht abgespeckter Form zu versuchen, war übrigens der Podcast mit Euch. Da hab ich nochmal gemerkt, dass das im Grunde ja eigentlich Spaß macht.