Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wash: 12/30/09

o If I had a better grasp on the language, could juggle more than two references at a time and were more fearless, I'd want to write like Savage Critic Abhay Khosla—luckily, I don't need to, since he already exists.

I also quite enjoy Tim Callahan's procedural pieces on selecting his best comics of the decade. It's always a treat to read people who can tell a good comic from their elbow.

o Speaking of reviews, Steven Grant rips apart (figuratively, I hope) a pop-up adaptation of Eisner's "Spirit" at The Comics Journal.

Personally, I would agree why adapting a comic as a pop-up thing—particularly something by Eisner, which is pretty much quintessential comics—seems like an exercise in tedium.

On the other hand, I was recently given a copy of the German edition of Sam Ita's Moby-Dick: A Pop-Up Book, and I liked it enough to recommend it as a Christmas present (in German).

Ita's effort also uses comics elements, but I regarded it as something to stare at and play with more than as a straight narrative. Depends on the angle, I suppose.

o Awesome. (Via Sean T. Collins.)

o Ron Rosenbaum at Slate has suggestions for some much-needed linguistic end-of-decade tooth-cleaning.

o Note to Ivan Brandon: It's even worse, I'm afraid. I also like Independence Day, I once fell asleep with both of my socks on and—here's the kicker—my grocery store has me on tape buying tuna in cans. Just in case you should run out of ammunition on why I'm wrong about the sales thing, I mean. Heaven forfend.

o Still up: My rambling skeleton of an essay on one of the pop-culture trends of 2009.

Up now: A review of the first five-parter in John Layman and Rob Guillory's Chew.


Joseph said...

I am flabbergasted you admit to liking "Independence Day". Even the Randy Quaid-flying-a-biplane-at-the-end part? Do you mean you liked it in a cynical, ironic way?

Marc-Oliver said...

No, I'm quite serious about that, I'm afraid.

I wouldn't say it's GOOD, mind you, but it's a nice, dumb, (mostly) inoffensive popcorn flick with space ships and shit blowing up left and right. It reaches (paralyzes?) that part of my brain in a way that TRANSFORMERS, KNOWING or 2012 have failed to.