Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Wash: 02/02/10

o Sean T. Collins reviews The Winter Men and reminds me that I want to track down The Wire on DVD.

I agree with everything Collins says about the comic—except for his take on the superhero elements; I don't just think they're crucial to the plot, but that the whole point of The Winter Men seems to be kind of an "anti-Watchmen."

I also think that's the least interesting aspect of the whole thing, mind you. (Here's my review from a few weeks back, for more on that.)

o At Newsarama, Troy Brownfield set out last week to lengthily dispel the notion that Marvel's "Necrosha" crossover and DC's "Blackest Night" crossover, both of which involve dead superheroes returning as zombies, are anything but coincidental.

To which I have to say: (1) How does this nonsense merit a 2,000-word article, and (2) isn't the idea of DC and Marvel coming up with the same storyline about dead heroes returning as zombies at the same time independently from each other kind of depressing?

o Lord, those one-liners in the first Losers trailer suck.

Still, looks like a delightful throwback to the days when action films were just big and dumb and like the A-Team (I caught the MacGyver reference, but c'mon, you're not fooling anyone) and you could safely switch off your brain and not worry about anything for 90 minutes.

I'll watch it, sooner or later.

o What is Gareb Shamus thinking?

Well, seems to me he's playing Monopoly. Like everybody who's any good at Monopoly, he knows that rather than to wait until you hit one of the big streets, you have to grab as many of the crappy ones as you can, to generate a constant cash flow and get enough bargaining power to rip everybody else off later. I'm joking, mostly.

o A belated Happy 50th Birthday to Grant Morrison. If you're looking for 50 reasons why Grant Morrison is the most significant Anglo-American pop comics creator of the 2000s, Matt Price has them.

o Coming soon: The Beat 3.0; please bookmark it now, if you haven't already. Congrats and all the best to Heidi at the new place.

o Quick Essay Time, brought to you today by Tom Brevoort and the Coen Brothers: Don't Believe the Truth.

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