Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Wash: 02/10/10

o Marvel Teabagged by Fox News

You'll have heard by now of the bizarre kerfuffle surrounding an inconsequential art detail in Captain America #602, which has resulted so far in a bunch of people from the right end of the political spectrum claiming to be offended, as well as hurried explanations and apologies and blame-shifting from Ed Brubaker and Marvel.

Kevin Melrose at Robot 6 has a comprehensive round-up.

Personally, what I find most fascinating about the whole thing is Marvel editor Joe Quesada trying to explain to a right-wing pundit that it's really totally unfair to judge a character's dialogue based on the first chapter of a four-part storyline Before the Story Is Complete:

"[T]his is a four-issue series. So to really get a full picture of why [the Falcon] feels the way he does and what conclusions he comes to at the end of the story, you really need to read the whole thing and not just judge a story and its intent on the first issue."

Those political pundits and their puny understanding of made-for-the-paperback Marvel comics storylines.

o Imminently Exploitable

Tom Spurgeon follows up on last week's fluff-piece-gone-awry with writer Joe Casey, who seizes the opportunity to lay out some of his broader views on the comics industry that informed his earlier comments.

o Boxcars with Faces Like Rock Grapefruit

Tom Crippen reviews a couple of Superman comic books for The Comics Journal, with focus on the art, and though I haven't read the comics in question, I money-back-guarantee you that Mr. Crippen's 500 words are more entertaining.

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