Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wash: 03/15/10

o Comic-Book Editor Perplexed at Uninterrupted Block of Good Writing

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort shares some insight into the production process of Jonathan Lethem's Omega: The Unknown:

"[...] Lethem is so in command of his narrative that, as the scripts came in, I felt there was very little for me to do. He wrote the series structured almost like a novel, which is a place he's very comfortable [sic]. Consequently, if you pulled on any one seemingly-innocuous block, the whole structure could come tumbling down."

o "Killed Off by an Exploding Plot Device"

Douglas Wolk examines some recent comics, their reception and the creators' response to the reception, and makes some astute observations.

"Readers may seek out shocks as a kind of entertainment, but those shocks are usually the clever kind; there's pleasure in getting a jolt from something you never imagined could jolt you. On the other hand, few things provide a cheaper, more obvious shock than showing kids being harmed, even fictional, only-ink-and-paper kids."

In Seattle this weekend, DC Comics editor Ian Sattler responded to criticism on one of the comics addressed by Wolk:

"I’m proud of the story and stand by it. I'm happy it upset people because it means that the story had some weight and emotion."

Now that Mr. Sattler has clarified that it was really the story's weight and emotion that caused all the negative responses, I'm confident the critics will be at ease and grateful for the insight.

o Not Work Safe

Not comics: I don't know anything about Glenn Beck, but his tongue looks like a penis, doesn't it?

o Graphic Books

These "Five for Friday" things wouldn't be half as much fun without the images Tom Spurgeon adds to them.

o All Men Play on Ten

I'm reviewing X-O Manowar, a superhero comic book of 1996.

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Mike Lova Lova said...

Ok, we're gonna take fanboy's word for it now?

The reason they are upset at Lian's death is because she's an "innocent little kid" not because it's not "clever enough". C'mon, be for real. It's the same reason they hated Hal Jordan turning nutball and wiping out the Coprs, and the same reason they hate the Sentry going all entrail-happy. They think they want change, but they don't. They think they want violence, but not too much or they get all squeamish. Cuz deep down inside, they're the most morally strict, change-hating creatures there are.