Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Wash: 04/06/10

o "Not Currently Doing Anything for DC Right Now"

Judging from his work—what I've read of it, anyway—I've always regarded Greg Rucka as one of the most literary writers in the North American market. This brave transcript of his panel discussion with Comics Alliance editor Laura Hudson at Wondercon last weekend confirms that it's not just a trick of the light or something, but the result of talent, insight and a lot of hard work.

Here's a nice excerpt from Rucka's thoughts on his process back when he'd finished the first Whiteout story:

"[...] I got nervous, because [writing –ed.] had become easy. And I sat down for the next [novel –ed.] and said, I have to make sure I'm challenging myself. The worst thing that can happen for a writer is for a writer to start believing their own press. I think the industry and the comics industry in particular is littered with the bodies of writers who believed their own press. And you can see the moment they did, and then the work nosedives."

As far as Rucka's now concluded work for either of the two major comics publishers is concerned, I can't say it bothers me a lot. I've enjoyed the "Batwoman" feature in Detective Comics, but not nearly as much as I've enjoyed Stumptown—or Queen & Country, or Whiteout, for that matter.

I'm looking forward to Stumptown #3 (in May), the third Queen & Country novel (in October) and whatever's next on his schedule.

In the meantime, go read the transcript. It's one of the ones that are worth the effort of being written up and read.

o "I Would Just Suggest to Anyone Who Likes Hyper-Violence and Police Brutality to Check It Out"

Says the aforementioned Joe Casey of his upcoming one-shot Officer Downe, drawn by Chris Burnham, also announced at Wondercon. Always looking forward to new Casey comics.

o "Part of the Overall Batman Mythos"

Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder was announced to return in 2011, renamed Dark Knight: Boy Wonder.

The title change is marketing-driven, obviously. I just hope the comic will still be mad as a bag of sparrows, personally.

For more on Wondercon, Heidi MacDonald has a report that covers all the essentials, Douglas Wolk has some bullet points, and Tom Spurgeon has an extensive, pleasantly subjective report that doesn't have a current photograph of Joe Casey, unfortunately.

o "Of All the Stuff Creators Have to Deal With, Marc’s Column Is Not Even in the Worst 100 Such Things."

The new DC month-to-month column for February went up at The Beat last week. The above quote, which I like tremendously, comes from Gail Simone. I'm a little relieved, to be honest.

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