Friday, May 21, 2010

The Wash: 05/21/10

o "It's a Plane! It's a Bird! It's a Machine That Turns Thoughts Into Things!"

Welcome to the Whorebaggery Edition of the Linksplurge.

First up, there's a German-language print article by yours truly coming up in next month's Comicgate-Magazin Nr. 5, available for pre-order now if you're in Europe, or at the Comicgate booth at this year's Erlangen Comic Salon.

In the piece, I look at the evolution (or lack thereof) of superhero comics since 1938, de-bunk the popular theory that they're "modern myths," ask what the genre is good for and try to formulate an answer based on works by Steve Gerber (Omega the Unknown), Joe Casey (Wildcats Version 3.0) and Grant Morrison (All Star Superman and Final Crisis), among others. Do superhero comics have to be about violent, costumed brutes? Were Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns really all that groundbreaking? Has the genre been dead since 1965? And what does The Matrix have to do with anything? Thanks to editors-in-chief Frauke and Thomas for going way beyond the line of duty and being crazy enough to print the thing.

Other features in the mag: lots of intriguing articles, original comics strips, comics recommendations (in which I get to rave about Phonogram, Stumptown and The Winter Men), interviews and Q&As with folks like Kurt Busiek and Dave Sim, all under the stellar cover by coming sensation and all-around nice guy Christian Nauck that can be seen to the right. Grab a copy if you can. There's plenty of pretty business to look at, even if you don't speak the language.

o "The Man in the Ant Hill"

Also in print, and already out from Greenwood, I've contributed a bunch of articles to the biggest and most expensive book about comics ever published.

It's called the Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels and comes with entries on Alan Davis, Jim Lee, Fabian Nicieza, Ant-Man, Daredevil and Marvel Boy by me and, as you might imagine, a whole lot of other articles by a whole lot of other people.

So, you know, go and get it, all you library types.

o "Briefs & Boxers!"

Landlady Heidi MacDonald who's been very kind to me for six years and running now with the DC Comics sales column, kindly invited me to do some type of linkblogging/commentary thing over at The Beat recently, similar to this here "Wash" thing. The result is a weekly column called "Briefs & Boxers!"

Ideally, this won't mean that my linkblogging here at Comiks Debris will fade away, but the last couple of weeks have brought, shall we say, an unexpected confluence of fortunate developments in a number of areas that didn't leave me with as much time for the blog as I used to have, so I'm slowly trying to find my groove again.

Thanks for sticking around, if you're reading this.

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