Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paul Cornell Admits Defeat, Embraces Bad Storytelling

Talking to Comic Book Resources, Paul Cornell, writer of the DC Comics “New 52” title Stormwatch, addresses the need to bring new readers up to speed:

There's going to be people as unobtrusively as possible—but still pretty obtrusive because we're not writing for the trade anymore but for single issues—saying “I am so-and-so, and this is what I do.”

Evidently, it’s impossible for proper writers to introduce characters in any other way than to have them flat-out announce their identities and capabilities.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I noticed that remark of Cornell's too, glad I'm not the only person who thought it somewhat odd. I'd be really interested for the day that Cornell or any other New52 creator quits DC and decides to spill the beans over the editorial decision-making behind the event...
Demon Knights and Stormwatch were passable comics, but I'm not sure I feel the need to pay to read them; I'll wait to see what the reviews of the next few issues are like.