Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Lanterns #1

DC Comics, 20 pages, $ 2.99

Writer: Peter Milligan
Penciler: Ed Benes
Inker: Rob Hunter
Colorist: Nathan Eyring
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

When it comes to Peter Milligan’s mainstream superhero work, opinions differ. Some say it tends to be a bit rubbish; others are rather critical. Given that Red Lanterns is a series about space monsters who are puking blood all the time thanks to their special magic rings, prospects for a less controversial reception were especially slim, in this case.

The sequence in the first seven pages of the book features a blue-furred cat in rompers who wears its ring around its tail. Rompers has speech balloons saying “RRRRRR,” “GRRRRRR” and—my favorite—“MIIEOOOOO!” and is puking blood in nearly every panel. Rompers is attacked by a group of evil monster creatures in “Space Sector 666.” Rompers proceeds to tear the evil monster creatures up a bit. Rompers is about to be subdued at last by the evil monster creatures when a big red blood-puker boss dude named Atrocitus smashes through the hull of the creatures’ spaceship. “What are you doing to my cat?” says blood-puker boss dude, and then he kills them, and he pukes the blood on them.

Unfortunately, the rest of the debut issue does not live up to the high standards set by the first seven pages. There’s some serious-like gobbledygook about fraternal strife and such and the whole dramatic-like origin of the blood pukers and the blood-puker boss dude, and it is about as fun as I imagine puking blood would be if you couldn’t kill evil monster creatures with it like Atrocitus can. Also, the art of Ed Benes is not very good when he has to draw real people and not monsters and so the two brothers with the fraternal strife thing talk and dress like college students but look like middle-aged men.

Umma feel dumber now than before the Red Lantern comic by the Milligan man.

Grade: D-

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