Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Rinse #1

Boom! Studios, 22 pages, $ 1.00

Writer: Gary Phillips
Artist: Marc Laming
Colorist: Darrin Moore
Letterer: Steve Wands
Cover artist: Paul Azaceta

The Rinse is a baffling comic, for a number of reasons.

This type of material—no fantastic elements, no big-name creators or characters, no superheroes—is a tough sell in the U.S. market, and so it’s laudable for publishers to try and broaden the market, particularly with the sort of commitment that results in the $ 1.00 price tag. So far, so good.

But that said, particularly if you’re willing and able to promote this kind of book with this kind of incentive, it helps to make sure that the material merits the push. And so it’s puzzling when you read the thing, and it turns out to be a run-of-the-mill story about a run-of-the-mill grifter.

I mean, this isn’t horrible so much as horribly mediocre. When the prose comes with clunkers like “I’ll get you… get you good,” or “I’m your worst nightmare,” that’s as good a sign as any that, maybe, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and wonder what exactly it is that you want to be bringing to the table. The overall storytelling is exactly as imaginative and light-footed as the aforementioned samples would suggest.

More to the point, though, even with the best execution in the world, this would still be a pretty standard grifter story starring a good-looking, slick money-launderer. There’s not a lot of meat beyond the well-worn genre tropes, and the tropes themselves have been done better.

What’s the idea?

Grade: D

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